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What does it actually take to repair a vehicle to the exacting standards
required at Elite Euro Cars Collision Services

Why does it sometimes seem to take longer than expected?

We get these questions a lot.  Realizing that many customers don’t know the detailed work involved, the following is an outline of the steps involved to repair your vehicle when you bring it to the Elite Euro Cars Collision Services.

Each step is completed fully and accurately with the attention to detail, guaranteeing that your vehicle is repaired to its original pre-accident condition.  Remember, you have the right to choose your own shop rather than the insurance companies preferred shop.

There are 4 steps to the Repair Process:

  • * Claim Number or Repair Order Number
    * Owner signature for Authorization
    * Vehicle Photos of All Angles, including Visible Damages during entire repair process.
    * Vehicle pre-washed before Disassembly.
    * Vehicles' onboard computers scanned for Fault Codes.
    * Vehicle dis-assembled, all damaged parts removed for further diagnosis of damages.
    * Matrix Wand Analysis
    * Required proper repair procedures identified from manufacturer website.
    * All damaged diagnosed & proper repair mapping completed.

  • * Computerized CCCone/Pathways repair plan written.
    * Owner's Authorization obtained to start repair process after repair plan submitted and reviewed.
    * Parts Ordered
    * Parts Received

  • * Structural & Body Repairs
    * Vehicle Set Up on Unibody Repair Equipment
    * New Panels Prepped & Installed
    * Priming, Sealing & Corrosion Protection
    * All Work QC Inspected, Initial Tests Done, Ready for Paint

  • * Pressure Washed and Cleaned
    * Vehicle Prepped, Primed, Sanded and Sealed
    * Vehicle Taped, Bagged, Masked and moved into Paint Booth
    * All Work QC Inspected
    * Vehicle Painted using State of The Art BASF Paint System
    * Vehicle is moved to buffing area where any paint imperfections are removed and texture is adjusted to match non-painted panels.

  • * Vehicle is re-washed several times during buffing stages to ensure cleanliness and avoid contamination of fresh paint
    * Reassembly, Wheel Alignment, Air Conditioning Charged (if applicable).
    * Final Scanning and Calibrations
    * Detailing, Final QC Inspection and Road Test
    * Repairs Complete.
    * Owner Notified with Confirmation for Delivery via Phone/Text or Email